The following letter was mailed to Senator Helms office as well as being FAXed to various law enforcement departments including the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.

4-21-97 Dear ******
Senator Jessie Helms Office
403 Dirksen
Washington, DC 20510

Dear ******

RE: Internet publishing of child pornography by GTE.NET

You may recall that I had previously contacted your office regarding the publishing of illegal child porn from the News and Observers computer system. It appears that they went out of the Internet service business.

I am now writing to advise you of another matter that I have brought to the attention of the NC Attorney General's office.

GTE.NET is publishing illegal, graphic, full color etc. child pornography from its computers in usenet newsgroups clearly labeled to be for that purpose.

This is not a case of someone telnetting to Denmark or wherever, but rather, usenet.

Usenet message groups are stored and disseminated from the service providers computer systems. GTE is publishing newsgroups that are clearly labeled to be for the purpose of publication of graphic child pornography.

While they publish graphic child pornography on usenet newsgroups they have decided to classify this preacher's usenet posting as "abuse" and have canceled my personal GTE.NET account. I believe that by their actions against me because of usenet content make them criminally liable for their publication of illegal child pornography.
Steve Winter's preaching is too "abusive" for usenet and must be censored, but they are unable to do anything regarding the child pornography.

I have evidence from newsgroups published by GTE.NET that carry names like this: (this is a cut and paste from the evidence file from GTE.NET's service).

Newsgroups:, erotica.child,,alt.binaries. pictures.erotica.schoolgirls,alt.pedophilia.announce,alt.pedophilia.girls,
Subject: VIRGIN KILLER(1/1)
Date: 25 Feb 1997 18:20:26 GMT


Steve Winter (seal)

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