The following letter was mailed to Senator Helms office regarding IBM.NET publishing hard core child pornography from their usenet computers.


Dear ******
Senator Jessie Helms Office
403 Dirksen
Washington, DC 20510

Dear ******

RE: Internet publishing of child pornography by IBM.NET

You may recall that I had previously contacted your office regarding the publishing of illegal child porn from the News and Observers computer system. It appears that they went out of the Internet service business. I also contacted you regarding GTE.NET doing the same.

IBM.NET is publishing illegal, graphic, full color etc. child pornography from its computers in usenet newsgroups clearly labeled to be for that purpose.

Usenet message groups are stored and disseminated from the service providers computer systems. IBM.NET is publishing newsgroups that are clearly labeled to be for the purpose of publication of graphic child pornography.


Steve Winter (seal)

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