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Censorious net trash have convinced malicious and/or incompetent individuals at usenet/security dept. (, and to cancel my personal account on their behalf.

I have proof that my account was canceled due to alleged usenet news abuse. I hope this malicious action by GTE.NET will now make them legally responsible for their publishing of hard core child pornography from their usenet servers. I also intend to file a civil action against GTE.NET and responsible individuals.

helms3gte.html This is a 11/28/97 cover letter to Senator Helms advising him of malicious actions by individuals at GTE.NET to try to have this site closed down based upon obviously frivolous complaints. The enclosed packet included a letter from a GTE.NET vice president and a pile of frivolous complaints and obvious padding that was being used to attempt to intimidate my current ISP into dropping

ward0520.txt A posting by malicious net trash that works for from the evidence file against GTE.NET. He admits that they canceled my account on behalf of the Florida net trash. See also

ward0604.txt Another posting by malicious net trash that works for from the evidence file against GTE.NET. More foolishness from Matthew Ward. It is amazing that incompetent trash like Ward would have control over peoples internet access; while he defends GTE.NET's publishing child pornography as long as it is in the appropriate newsgroups!

Letter to Senator Helms regarding GTE.NET publishing hard core child pornography.

Formal Complaint against GTE with State of NC Dept of Justice.

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