Acts Chapter 5 - Questions and Answers.

1. What two people sold a possession and kept back part of the price and lied
about it to Peter?

2. Who did Peter say Annanias lied to?

3. Who filled Annanias's heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?

4. Thou hast not lied unto ______, but unto _______.

5. Annanias hearing that he lied to God, did what?

6. What fell upon the people that heard about Annanias?

7. And the young men, wound him up, and ______ him out, and ______ him.

8. How many hours was it when Annanias's wife came in to lie also?

9. Peter asked Sapphira why they had agreed together to temp who?

10. Who buried Sapphira?

11. People brought forth their sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and
couches for what reason?

12. Because Peter and the other Apostles were healing people of sickness and
unclean spirits, what sect of people rose up against them and had them put into

13. How did the Apostles get out of prison?

14. The angel of the Lord told the Apostles: "Go, stand and speak in the temple
to the all the ________ of this _______."

15. Who called the council and the senate of the children of Israel to have the
Apostles brought from prison to them?

16. When the High Priest, the captain of the temple and the chief Priests heard
that the Apostle's were no longer in prison-where were they told that the
Apostle's were?

17. When the Apostles were brought from the temple by the captain and officers,
why did they bring the Apostles without violence?

18. When told by the High Priest and council, " Did not we straightly command
you that you should not teach in this name and have filled Jerusalem with your
Doctrine and intend to bring this man's blood upon us." What did Peter and the
other Apostles answer and say?

19. What did the High Priest and council want to do when told this?

20. There was a man that stood up and commanded to put the Apostle's forth a
little space, what was his name?

21. What sect was Gamaliel?

22. What was Gamaliel's profession?

23. What did Gamaliel tell the High Priest to take heed about?

24. Gamaliel talked about two separate men who had drawn people away with their
false doctrine which nothing came of it: What were these two men's names?

25. What advice did Gamaliel give concerning Peter and the Apostles?

26. After the High Priest and council agreed to what Gamaliel told them to do,
What did they do unto the Apostles?

27. How did the Apostles depart from the council?

28. And daily in the _______, and in every ______, they ceased not to teach and
preach Jesus Christ.


1. Annanias & Sapphira, Acts 5:1-3

2. The Holy Ghost, Acts 5:3

3. Satan, Acts 5:3

4. Men & God, Acts 5:4

5. He fell down and gave up the ghost, Acts 5:5

6. Great fear, Acts 5:5

7. Carried & Buried, Acts 5:6

8. About the space of three hours, Acts 5:7

9. The Spirit of the Lord, Acts 5:9

10. The same men who buried her husband, Acts 5:9-10

11. So the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them, Acts 5:15

12. The Sadducees, Acts 5:17

13. The angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and let them out, Acts 5:19

14. Words & Life, Acts 5:20

15. The High Priest and they that were with him, Acts 5:21

16. Standing in the temple teaching the people, Acts 5:25

17. They feared the people and thought they would be stoned, Acts 5:26

18. We ought to obey God rather than men, Acts 5:29

19. They wanted to slay Peter & the Apostles. Acts 5:33

20. Gamaliel, Acts 5:34

21. A Pharisee, Acts 5:34

22. A doctor of the law, Acts 5:34

23. Take heed what ye intend to do as touching these men, Acts 5:35

24. Theudas and Judas of Galilee, Acts 5:36 & 37

25. Leave them alone, if this work be of men-it will come to nought, bit if it
be of God, ye can not overthrow it. Acts 5:38 & 39

26.They beat them, told them they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and
let them go, Acts 5:40

27. Rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. Acts 5:41

28. Temple & House, Acts 5:42

God Bless,
Bro. Carl Davis

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